Top self guided learning course


Top self guided learning course

Top self guided learning course

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Uncover the Best Practices for Learning, which encompass goal setting, practice and application, reflection, and collaborative learning.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the concept of learning and delve into various theories that define it.
  • Highlight the significance of motivation in the learning process.
  • Establish clear goals to direct your learning towards desired outcomes.
  • Engage in consistent practice and practical application of acquired skills to address meaningful tasks.
  • Encourage critical thinking by reflecting on the knowledge and insights gained through learning.
  • Boost motivation by reflecting on the progress made in relation to set goals.
  • Develop strategies for collaborative learning, seeking assistance, feedback, and diverse perspectives from others.
  • Cultivate a lifelong learning mindset to ensure continuous personal and professional growth.


Welcome to the course that goes beyond just watching online tutorials! Learning is an active process that requires your active participation. As the Director of Learning Science and Instructional Design at Udemy, I am dedicated to helping you make the most of your learning experience. In this course, I will share valuable tips and strategies that I have acquired over my 20+ year career, incorporating psychological principles and best practices in learning science.

By enrolling in this course, you will embark on a journey to enhance your learning skills and maximize the value you derive from any course or learning experience. Here's a sneak peek of what you will achieve:

  • Define learning and explore different theories that shed light on its nature and processes.
  • Recognize the crucial role of motivation in facilitating effective learning.
  • Set clear goals that align with your desired learning outcomes, enabling focused progress.
  • Put your knowledge into action by practicing and applying the skills you acquire in real-life scenarios.
  • Develop critical thinking skills by reflecting on what you have learned and analyzing the received information.
  • Boost your motivation by reflecting on the progress you have made towards your learning goals.
  • Strategize collaborative learning experiences by planning how you can engage with others to gain assistance, feedback, and diverse perspectives.
  • Cultivate a lifelong habit of learning, ensuring continuous personal and professional growth.

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