A Micro Course on Personal Finance & Insurance (In हिन्दी)


A Micro Course on Personal Finance & Insurance IN HINDI

You wants to learn about money and personal finance without spending any money or taking up too much time?

You're in the right place! 


Understanding how money works and how to manage your personal finances can lead to a better and more exciting future.

Nobody wants to be financially ignorant and struggling with debt, unable to afford basic necessities in the future. You want to be financially secure and well-off, which is why you're here.

In this short 2-hour course, you'll learn the essential aspects of personal finance and Insurance that can help you live a good life. Here are some of the valuable lessons covered:

Key Concepts in Personal Finance:

Assets, Liabilities, and Time Value of Money:

  • Understanding the difference between assets (things you own that have value) and liabilities (debts or obligations).
  • Recognizing the importance of the time value of money, which means that money today is worth more than the same amount in the future.

Financial Planning and Goal Setting:

  • Learning how to create a financial plan to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Setting realistic and measurable financial goals to track your progress.

Budgeting Techniques:

  • Discovering effective ways to budget your income and expenses.
  • Learning how to prioritize your spending and make informed financial decisions.

Risk Management:

  • Understanding the concept of financial risk and various strategies to manage it.
  • Identifying insurance options and savings plans to protect yourself and your assets.

Investment and Investment Options in India:

  • Exploring different investment opportunities available in India.
  • Learning about stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and other investment instruments.

Types of Insurance and Savings:

  • Understanding the importance of insurance coverage to protect against unexpected events.
  • Exploring different types of savings accounts and investment vehicles for future financial security.

Credit Cards and Their Importance:

  • Discovering how credit cards work and their benefits and drawbacks.
  • Learning how to use credit responsibly and build a good credit history.

Introduction to Stock Market, IPO, and Dividend:

  • Gaining insights into the stock market and its functioning.
  • Understanding initial public offerings (IPOs) and dividends as a form of investment income.

Behavioral Finance and How to Deal with It:

  • Exploring the psychological factors that influence financial decisions.
  • Developing strategies to overcome common behavioral biases and make rational financial choices.

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