Free Artificial Intelligence Courses - Neural Network in R


Free Artificial Intelligence Courses

Free Artificial Intelligence Courses - Neural Network in R

COURSE 1 : Neural Network in R
LEVEL: Intermediate
Completion Certificate : YES
Duration : 2 Hours

Discover the Power of R Programming

Join our free certificate course to learn R, a statistical programming language software environment that is widely used by data analysts, data miners, and statisticians. With its computational power and ability to handle data analysis and statistical software development, R is a valuable tool for those in the field of data science. Enroll today and gain the skills to excel in this popular language and advance your career in the data-driven world. Plus, don't forget to explore our other top courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to broaden your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve. Start your learning journey now and unlock a world of possibilities!

Course Outline: R Programming for Data Analysis

Module 1: Introduction to R Programming

  • Understanding the basics of R programming language
  • Installing R and RStudio
  • Working with RStudio interface
  • Running R code and managing packages

Module 2: Data Structures in R

  • Exploring different data types in R (vectors, matrices, arrays, lists, data frames)
  • Manipulating and accessing data structures
  • Applying built-in functions for data transformation and manipulation

Module 3: Data Visualization with R

  • Creating various types of charts and graphs using R
  • Customizing plots and adding labels, titles, and legends
  • Visualizing data distributions, relationships, and trends

Module 4: Data Analysis and Statistical Techniques

  • Performing descriptive statistics and data summaries
  • Conducting hypothesis testing and statistical inference
  • Implementing regression analysis and predictive modeling in R

Module 5: Data Manipulation and Cleaning

  • Importing and exporting data from various file formats
  • Handling missing data and outliers
  • Applying data cleaning and preprocessing techniques

Module 6: Advanced Topics in R

  • Working with advanced data structures and data manipulation packages
  • Exploring advanced statistical techniques in R
  • Introduction to machine learning with R and predictive analytics

Module 7: Real-world Applications and Case Studies

  • Applying R programming skills to practical data analysis scenarios
  • Analyzing real-world datasets and deriving insights
  • Presenting findings and results through compelling visualizations

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