Indian Stock Market Courses Online for Free - Basics of Stock Market PART 2



Indian Stock Market Courses Online for Free - Basics of Stock Market PART 2

Course Name:Basics of Stock Market Course 

(PART 2/3)

Trainer: CA Rachana Ranade

Course Description:

BSE and NSE Sessions:

  • Understanding the functions and operations of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Exploring the trading sessions and timings
  • Identifying key market indicators and indices

Opening and Closing Prices:

  • Understanding the significance of opening and closing prices in stock trading
  • Analyzing the factors that influence opening and closing prices
  • Exploring the impact of news and events on price movements

Corporate Actions:

  • Exploring different types of corporate actions, such as dividends, stock splits, and rights issues
  • Understanding the implications of corporate actions on stock prices and investor portfolios
  • Analyzing the process and timeline of corporate actions

Bonus Dates:

  • Understanding bonus issues and their impact on stock prices and shareholder value
  • Analyzing the announcement, record, and ex-bonus dates
  • Evaluating the benefits and risks associated with bonus issues

Market Structure and Participants:

  • Understanding the structure of the stock market, including primary and secondary markets
  • Identifying different participants, such as retail investors, institutional investors, and market makers
  • Exploring the roles and functions of stockbrokers, depository participants, and regulatory bodies


  • Reviewing key concepts and topics covered in the course
  • Clarifying doubts and addressing participant questions
  • Reinforcing learning through practice exercises and quizzes


  • Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow in the stock market
  • Discussing the importance of a positive mindset and continuous learning in the investment journey
  • Encouraging participants to apply the knowledge gained and embrace a long-term approach to investing

About: CA Rachana Ranade

CA Rachana Ranade is a highly experienced and respected professional in the field of stock market education. With a teaching experience spanning over 10 years, she has successfully imparted knowledge to more than 10,000 students in-person and has reached an astounding number of over 1,000,000 students through online platforms.

CA Rachana Ranade's expertise and proficiency in the stock market domain make her a trusted authority in the field. Her comprehensive understanding of the subject, combined with her practical approach, enables her to effectively communicate key concepts, debunk myths, and guide her students towards making informed investment decisions.

With her vast experience and remarkable track record, CA Rachana Ranade has garnered a strong following and has become a sought-after trainer in the stock market education space. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to making a change have established her as a trusted mentor and educator for aspiring stock market enthusiasts

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