Indian Stock Market Courses Online for Free - Basics of Stock Market PART 3



Indian Stock Market Courses Online for Free - Basics of Stock Market PART 3

Course Name:Basics of Stock Market Course 

(PART 3/3)

Trainer: CA Rachana Ranade

Course Description:

Tax Exemption/Tax Rate on Dividend:

  • Understanding the tax implications and exemptions associated with dividend income
  • Exploring the applicable tax rates for different types of dividends
  • Highlighting strategies to optimize tax efficiency in dividend investments

Share Certificate Practical:

  • Practical exercises and demonstrations related to handling share certificates
  • Understanding the essential details and features of a share certificate
  • Learning the proper procedures for verifying and transferring share certificates

Quick Recap of the Previous Lecture:

  • Brief revision of the key concepts covered in the previous lecture
  • Consolidating knowledge and reinforcing understanding through a quick recap session

What is Bonus Share?

  • Exploring the concept of bonus shares and their significance in stock market investing
  • Understanding the benefits and implications of bonus issues for shareholders
  • Analyzing the impact of bonus shares on the company's financials and market dynamics

What is Cum-bonus and Ex-bonus?

  • Understanding the terms "cum-bonus" and "ex-bonus" in relation to bonus share transactions
  • Analyzing the timelines and procedures associated with cum-bonus and ex-bonus trading

What are the Types of Securities Market?

  • Exploring the different types of securities markets, such as equity, debt, and derivatives markets
  • Understanding the characteristics and functionalities of each market segment
  • Identifying the investment opportunities and risk profiles associated with various securities markets

How does the Primary Market Work?

  • Understanding the functioning and operations of the primary market
  • Exploring the process of new securities issuance, including IPOs and FPOs
  • Learning about the role of investment banks, underwriters, and regulatory bodies in the primary market

What is the Issue Open Date?

  • Explaining the concept of the issue open date in the context of primary market offerings
  • Understanding the significance of the issue open date for investors and the subscription process

How does the Secondary Market Work?

  • Exploring the functioning and dynamics of the secondary market
  • Understanding the role of stock exchanges, brokers, and market participants in secondary market transactions
  • Learning about the order types, trading mechanisms, and price discovery in the secondary market

What are the Prerequisites to Buy/Sell Shares?

  • Identifying the essential prerequisites and requirements for buying and selling shares in the stock market
  • Understanding the importance of a trading account and a Demat account in share transactions
  • Exploring the regulatory and documentation aspects associated with share trading

What is a Trading Account?

  • Defining a trading account and its role in facilitating stock market transactions
  • Understanding the features, functionalities, and types of trading accounts
  • Highlighting the importance of trading account management and monitoring

What is a Demat Account?

  • Explaining the concept of a Demat account and its significance in electronic shareholding
  • Understanding the process of Demat account opening and the benefits of holding securities in Dematerialized form
  • Discussing the role of depository participants and the advantages of a Demat account for investors
About: CA Rachana Ranade

CA Rachana Ranade is a highly experienced and respected professional in the field of stock market education. With a teaching experience spanning over 10 years, she has successfully imparted knowledge to more than 10,000 students in-person and has reached an astounding number of over 1,000,000 students through online platforms.

CA Rachana Ranade's expertise and proficiency in the stock market domain make her a trusted authority in the field. Her comprehensive understanding of the subject, combined with her practical approach, enables her to effectively communicate key concepts, debunk myths, and guide her students towards making informed investment decisions.

With her vast experience and remarkable track record, CA Rachana Ranade has garnered a strong following and has become a sought-after trainer in the stock market education space. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to making a change have established her as a trusted mentor and educator for aspiring stock market enthusiasts
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